Just a mom, teacher, author, living my best life in Central Minnesota...oh ya, and I used to run quite a bit too.

First and foremost, I'm a mom to two wonderful humans. I have a boy and a girl and I adore them. We are each others best adventure buddies and they are my whole world.

I'm also an elementary reading teacher who specializes in teaching kids who have a diagnosis of Dyslexia or who exhibit characteristics of Dyslexia. I love my job, and I'm honored everyday to work with this creative population of students. 

I'm an author. Being a children's book author is a life long dream of mine, and I'm so happy & proud to say that Ive finally taken the plunge and did it. 

I also used to LOVE to run! A few years ago I ran a 10 mile race in Minneapolis and I didn't train. My 20 year old mind told me it was no big deal and I've done plenty of 10 mile races before...I just needed to finish...no biggy. However, my actual late 30's body (now 40's) didn't agree, and I really hurt my Achilles Tendons. Booooo...I haven't been the same since, and despite physical therapy, I'm still in pain, and can't run. 


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